29.171 - "Essence of Islay"

20 years old, distilled 4th April 1995, 58.4% abv, refill ex-bourbon barrel, 216 bottles

SMWS 29.171 - Essence of IslayThe nose has herb gardens, crisp wood smoke and a little hint of wet earth. The mouthfeel is thin, but quite smooth. The body has thyme, tarragon, fennel and a good base of damp wood smoke that increases as the finish approaches. The finish is smoke and TCP.

Water brings out tight, rapidly expanding whorling that doesn't linger. The nose now has a little light vanilla - perhaps even toffee. The body has also gained toffee, and the herbal notes are more pronounced. The finish is unchanged.

A decent dram for after a winter's walk, to shake the cold of the snow off...