C1 - "Nectar Céleste"

XO, 48.4% abv, French oak barrel, 450 bottles

SMWS C1 - Nectar célesteAn important point - I am not a cognac drinker, so have no points of reference for this tasting. This could be a superb cognac, or an awful one. I trust that the Society doesn’t bottle rubbish, but that doesn't mean my tasting notes aren't rubbish.

The nose has incense - camphor wood and cinnamon. The mouthfeel is decent, but with no cling. The body has yet more incense and cinnamon, with hints of ginger and some aniseed towards the finish. The finish itself is lingering, with camphor wood and cinnamon.

Water brings out tight whorling that lingers as mottling for quite a while. The nose has gained a little hint of midget gems, and the body has a little menthol. The finish also has that menthol.

An interesting experience, which tells me I shouldn’t turn down future cognacs!