SMWS Feel-Good Moments Outturn

SMWS 5.46The big list in November 2015 was marred by some organisational cock-ups - it arrived the week before Greville Street was refurbished!

With one weekend lost to the refurbishment, and the rooms smelling of paint the weekend after that, I only got a few tasting notes done. A pity, as there were some great drams in there.

My favourite was the Auchentoshan, which was a very drinkable dram, evoking the warmth of summer. Thrill seekers would be satisfied by the Rock Town bourbon, which was creditable - if a touch less wonderful than the previous bottling. And I should also mention the Bladnoch, which was elegant and refined.

I wish I could have drawn up tasting notes for more than these 17 whiskies, but the Greville Street refurbishment meant that they'd all be highly suspect, tainted by paint.