44.104 - Bruised apples on a workbench

14 years old, distilled 9th June 2004, 57.1% abv, First Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel, 210 bottles, dram price C

SMWS 44.104 - Bruised apples on a workbenchThe nose has red apples, watch oil, tarragon and a hint of cinnamon. The mouthfeel is thin with no cling. The body has red apples, toffee, tarragon and cinnamon. The finish has red apples, cinnamon and tarragon with a hint of toffee.

Water brings out thin, compact whorling that spreads into brief mottling. The nose gains lemon and loses the tarragon. The body gains more cinnamon and loses some of the red apples. The finish loses the red apples and gains more cinnamon.

A very nice spicy dram. Never going to be my style of preference, but if you like fruit, toffee, herbs and spice then it’s hard to go wrong with this!

Technical score: 4/5

Personal preference: Just the one dram, thanks.

This whisky was provided by the SMWS in a preview session - thanks to them for that. Full editorial control has been retained in the tasting process.