SMWS Outturn 283 - Founder Favourites

SMWS 137.3 - Smouldering EnglishnessThe October list is definitely above average - plenty to recommend!

The star is the English Whisky Company’s peated expression, which has a great balance of sweet fruit and smoke. I’d like more than one bottle of it, and it scores a full five.

There are two others I’d be happy to have more than one bottle of. The superb Inchmurrin delivers tropical fruits, and is only marred by a slight acetal note. Fortunately, that goes with water. The North British is from a curious cask that offers leather and deep wood that’s more like a Speyside than a grain, so has the attraction of being an oddity as well as a superb dram.

Finally, I’d like a bottle of the Clynelish. It has banana, pineapple and waxed lemons and is what I want from a young bourbon Clynelish.

An honourable mention must go to the Glenfarclas, which is a superb sherry finish but just a bit too spicy for me.

As always, Matt has the other half of the list over at The Dramble.