SMWS Outturn 275 - A Sensory Revelation

SMWS 29.258 - Remembrance of fruits pastIt's February, and even colder than January. Which, of course explains the delicate and fruity Laphroaig and the completely unpeated Bunnahabhain...

And funnily enough, those seasonably unsuitable drams are also amongst the best.

But first, I'd like more than one bottle of the fruity, oaky Glenlivet - which is a great demonstration of how delivery is as important as the flavours. It's a delight to drink, and is bound to go quickly.

I'd like a bottle of the fruity, liniment-laden Laphroaig. It's delicate sweetness really does hark back to a different age for that distillery... The Bunnahabhain combines fruit and herbal notes with aplomb, also making me wish I had a bottle.

There are a couple of technical scores that are worth noticing. The obvious one is the Macallan, which I felt fell apart after water. It's delightful beforehand though, showing exactly why this distillery is so highly regarded. I'd also like to point out the Tullibardine, which is a nice dram with some odd flavour combinations, and the Glen Moray - which was almost too spicy for me, but that can't disguise it's superb flavours.

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