SMWS Outturn 281 - Whisky Chasers

SMWS 26.128 - A wildcat did purrIt’s a spicy list this month, which makes it a little difficult for me.

This is where having two scores helps. For example, the Glen Moray gets a high technical score, but its horseradish finish means I find it hard to recommend. Horseradish is for beef, not whisky! So I’ll just have the one dram, thanks.

Much more up my street was the Clynelish - fruity, then waxy with water. It may not be complex, but it’s delicious and I want more than one bottle.

Also easy to recommend is the Cameronbridge, which has fruit and wood in a decent mix. I’d be happy with a bottle of that. I’d also take one of the fruity and grassy Speyburn, and of the herbal Glenlossie. There are two Glenlossies on this list, and I tried the younger one - so take care when ordering!

Much of the rest of the outturn was too spicy for me, but fortunately Matt doesn’t have the same impairment to his palate - as always, his tasting notes are over at The Dramble.