G10.13 - Warm butter on banana bread

29 years old, distilled 15th June 1988, 55.7% abv, Second Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel, 96 bottles, dram price E

SMWS G10.13 - Warm butter on banana breadA soft gentle nose with warm bread, toffee and a hint of acetone - very enticing! The mouthfeel is thin with no cling. The body has toffee, banana, lychee, honeycomb, and a touch ginger at the finish - which is very short.

Water brings out thin whorling that expands rapidly and settles into brief mottling. The nose gains ginger, but loses nothing. The body gains more banana, and ginger and cinnamon towards the finish. The finish is now a little longer, gains honeycomb and more ginger. It's surprisingly robust as finishes for grain whiskies go!

An autumnal nightcap.

4.5/5 (It would be five if that ginger were less prominent. I also enjoyed it more when I returned to it later, so I suspect it builds very nicely.)