SMWS 9.93 - "Interplay of shade and light"

This is my favourite of the November list - a truly fine dram which I could drink all day. (But not all night. It's very much a daytime whisky.)

17 years old, distilled 3rd April 1997, 55.6% abv, refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 295 bottles

The nose starts with artificial floral notes (fresh laundry?), and then brings hints of fruit and ginger snap biscuits, all over a toffee base. The body has more mustiness, bringing the toffee and fruit but not the ginger snaps - instead there's blackcurrant and tea. The finish has tea and toffee.

After water (which whorls nicely, if tightly), the nose gains tobacco and loses the ginger snaps. The body is fruitier, less musty, and has a hint of honeycomb. Very moreish, with a pleasingly full mouth-feel. The finish is sweeter, with a lot of toffee and a new note of vanilla.

A great dram that suits a late lunch that you intend to turn into an early dinner...