77.44 - Cheerful childhood memories

15 years old, distilled 3rd April 2001, 58.8% abv, second-fill ex-sauternes hogshead, 240 bottles

SMWS 77.44 - Cheerful childhood memoriesThe nose is quite light, but has wonderful flavours - Turkish Delight, peach, apricot. The mouthfeel is thin, smooth and has a little cling. The body has peach, lemon, lime, rhubarb and green apples. That's my five a day! There's also a hint of toffee. The finish is Turkish Delight and toffee.

Water brings out thin, expanding whorling that settles into fine mottling. The nose now gains brown sugar, toffee and grapefruit. The Turkish Delight is now in the background. The body gains the same notes as the nose, and a little pineapple too. The finish is now toffee and pineapple.

A deep dram, for savouring with friends.