SMWS G13.1 - "A complete revelation"

4 years old, distilled October 2009, 58.3% abv, virgin oak puncheon, 622 bottles

The nose is a lovely sweet thing - coconut, mango, pineapple, lychees, toffee and a hint of apple juice. The mouth-feel is quite thin. The body has more of the fruits from the nose and some watermelon, more coconut and a little liquorice and blackcurrant at the back of the mouth. The finish lingers for a long time, but the fruit is short lived and leaves the coconut and vanilla to linger for a while.

Water brings out quickly expanding tight whorls, that dissipate quickly. The nose is now a little more toffeeish, with some cinnamon. The fruits are less pronounced, but still present. The body has much
more vanilla (custard, cinnamon) - and more fruit (plum, damson). The finish is unchanged.

A good grain whisky, suitable for a midsummer's day.