13.48 - Crepe Suzette

9 years old, distilled 21st September 2006, 61.5% abv, Refill Ex-Bourbon Barrel, 222 bottles

SMWS 13.48 - Crepe SuzetteThe nose has green apples, lemon, apricots and hints of acetone that burn off quickly. The mouthfeel is thin and very smooth. The body has cinnamon, stewed apples, lemon drizzle and a hint of desiccated banana. The finish is clean and short - lemon and green apples.

Water brings out thin, rapidly spreading whorling that settles into mottling. The nose now has more apricots, and gains a little cinnamon. The green apples are much diminished. The body has less stewed apples and gains a hint of apricot, and more banana. The finish loses the green apples and gains cinnamon.

A superb dram for elevenses on a warm sunny day.