24.128 - "Posh ladies on the prom!"

29 years old, distilled 25th April 1985, 51.1% abv, refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 209 bottles

The nose has pineapple chunks and a light furniture polish note, moving towards earl grey tea - it's a very subtle dram. The mouth-feel is thin and light - it has very little presence. The body has tea, leather, mango and pineapple - it's a very short body. The finish is long and subtle - mango, leather and damp cardboard.

Water brings out nice big whorling that lingers pleasantly. The nose is now a little fruitier - peach replaces the tea, and a hint of apricot. The body (which is still thin) brings tea, leather and straw. The finish is still long, and has pineapple instead of the mango. It retains the leather, and has a hints of dried tobacco leaves.

A conversation starter.