30.85 - "Citric and sweet duality"

21 years old, distilled 9th June 1993, 50.2% abv, refill ex-bourbon barrel, 203 bottles

DSC_0182The nose has midget gems and old oak furniture, in a very pleasant balance. The mouthfeel is slight but I a little cling. The body is sweet with light hints of polished oak and "juicy lips" sweets. There's also a slight toffee notes underneath. The finish is sweet and long - cinnamon and toasted oak staves.

Water brings out tight, rapidly expanding whorling that lingers momentarily. The nose now has more furniture polish and less oak, but retains the sweetness. The body has more fruit - melon, apple and peach. The finish is less oak and more fruits of forest, with a little cinnamon in the background.

A great dram for a picnic.