76.123 - "Warm, joyous and gratifying"

27 years old, distilled 24th September 1987, 52.2% abv, refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 214 bottles

DSC_0225The nose has "meadow fresh" style fabric softener - lots of soft floral notes, but nothing definite. There's also hints of toffee and shortbread present. The mouthfeel is smooth with a little coating. The body has the soft toffee and shortbread that the nose hinted at, and adds small sweet oranges and cigar boxes. The finish is meadow flowers, oranges and cigar boxes.

Water brings out thick, lingering whorling that really lasts. The nose has gained soft caramel and a hint of oranges. The body has more wood notes - the cigar boxes are more present, and it's gained tea chests. There's also some watermelon. The finish is much the same.

An intriguing dram that has many subtle flavours worth exploring. One for the enthusiasts!