28.35 - A song of spring and summer

9 years old, distilled 7th June 2007, 60.3% abv, Second-Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel, 204 bottles, dram price A

SMWS 28.35 - A song of spring and summerThe nose has pear, lime and a little orange peel. The mouthfeel is decent - with a little cling. The body has lime, wood notes and a little lemon - and then chilli spices take over as it dries. The finish has lemon and chilli.

Water brings out tight, thin whorling that rapidly expands then dissipates almost immediately. The nose gains tea chests and loses the orange peel. The body has been taken over by chilli spice, but the finish gains cedar wood.

A lot of spice means I'm not really sure when I'd drink this - maybe in a hip flask on a rainy day?