SMWS Outturn 248 - Fresh Catch

SMWS G1.15 - Could pacify a mobThe February 2017 Outturn is odd on a number of levels.

Firstly, there's a lot in the Spicy & Sweet category, so you can expect a lot of the drams to leave me unimpressed - but the list was actually two-faced for me, with as many excellent whiskies as there were spice monsters.

Secondly, some of the bottles are half-using the new bottle style which will come out soon. They ran out of the old bottles, apparently.

Thirdly, and if I'm honest this isn't that odd, we have a selection of crazy woods. The grain whisky matured in an Oloros butt and then finished in virgin oak. The Oloroso butt whisky which was finished in a Pedro Ximinex butt. The Port Barrique finish. And it barely seems worth mentioning the virgin oak and Sauternes finishes, as they're becoming normal by now...

My top pick was predictably the very unusual North British. A wonderful use of wood, a little rum-like but genuinely interesting. A long list of runners up though - Glen Scotia, Bunnahabhain, Strathisla, Auchentoshan, Longmorn, Tullibardine and the Glen Grant all impressed.

Important note: At the time of writing, two drams (the younger Longmorn and the Laphroaig) had not arrived, so these tasting notes are not yet complete.