SMWS Outturn 254 - Alluring Aromas

SMWS 4.230 - Sweet and salty, smoke and ashYet more logistical issues, albeit fewer than before. The Ardmore (66.104) wasn't available and the G15.1 is delayed.

This is an ideal July list - it's hot out there, and this list is packed with light and sweet drams.

And there are many excellent drams here. The best was the Highland Park, which is a peated joy and gets a full score. Oddly nothing scored 4.5, but there were plenty of drams scoring a solid and well-deserved 4: Cragganmore, Balblair, Glen Deveron (Macduff), Glenburgie, Glenlivet and the Mortlach all impressed.

I think this list really demonstrates the value of the Society's recent cask finishes. Some have disliked the use of virgin oak and other custom casks, but three of my picks were Virgin Oak or French Oak. I'm far more concerned about having a decent dram than having conformity to some nebulous idea of either tradition or purity. The end may not justify the means in many moral areas, but in whisky maturation I think some leeway can be allowed.