SMWS Outturn 249 - Colourful Explosion

SMWS G4.11 - A happy gatheringDespite having eighteen whiskies, this list keeps a very high bar in place. Most of the whiskies score 3.5 or 4, and there are two 4.5's. Quite an achievement!

With so many, I'm not linking to all the 4 and aboves, as it'll take ages. I'm just going to pare it back to three drams, and a fourth honourable mention.

The old Cameronbridge was a superb dram, really showing well what old grain whisky can do. The Glen Moray may not have fancy casks or headline stats, but it has an excellent spirit that was cared for in decent wood - and it shows. And the Bunnahabhain has smoke, smoke, and more smoke - if you like that sort of thing.

I also have to throw in an honourable mention for the Clynelish, which was a very tempting dram that I just kept wanting to go back to.

Oh, and we have new labels. Which is nice.