SMWS Outturn 252 - Flavour Packed

SMWS G9.2 - Chocolate mice and cinnamon spiceThe SMWS has two outturns this May, due to bottling issues. So where we starved with six bottles at the start of the month, we now feast with sixteen!

The star of the list is, without a doubt, the magnificent Loch Lomond, which shows that grain can be good without being an expensive thirty-something. It's also my first 5/5 whisky of the year...

Elsewhere, the Glenlossie was superb. A friend - who's famed for disliking sherried whiskies - walked away with two bottles. I'd say that's fairly high praise! The Glenlivet is great, the Bladnoch is delicious, then try the Laphroaig and finish on the ashen joy of the superb Bowmore.

One other thing to note is that the Islays were both one bottle per member. Given the sales, I think this is a good move - everyone should have a chance at that Bowmore, and restricting members to a bottle each helps with that!