SMWS Outturn 255 - Orchestra of Flavour

SMWS 48.91 - Sweet, juicy and perfumedAn unusual outturn this month - with plenty of rum, cognac and our first gin! Maybe they put four peated drams in to try and placate the traditionalists?

Logistical issues continue, with two bottlings absent - 3.302 and R8.3. Hopefully they're not completely lost to us and will turn up eventually.

There are three excellent drinks on this list: the sweet, fruity Balmenach; the floral and delicate Glen Grant, and the delightful C4.1 cognac. A cognac as one of my picks of the list? That's unexpected, but well deserved!

There are lots of excellent drams too - the Glen Scotia, the Aberlour, the Dailuaine, the Craigellachie and the R10.1 all impressed enough to score a 4.

Standards didn't slip because of the other spirits, despite some people's fears. And I quite enjoyed trying all the cognacs and rums - it was an interesting change of scenery. I hope we manage to get more rums and cognacs in future.