36.133 - An irresistible experience

19 years old, distilled 15th August 1997, 55.2% abv, refill ex-bourbon barrel, 171 bottles, dram price D

SMWS 36.133 - An irresistible experienceThe nose has pears, red apples, and vanilla. There's also a lot of wax. The mouthfeel is decent, with some cling. The body has vanilla, candle wax, honey and then a hit of chilli powder. The finish is chilli and candle wax.

Water brings out thick, lazy whorling that lingers but doesn't mottle. The nose gains more wax and more apples. The body gains more honey, and more wax. The finish loses the chilli powder and gains honey.

An interesting dram - one for evenings by the fire.