GN1.1 - Gee-whiz

N/A, distilled 9th September 2016, 50.1% abv, second fill barrel, 255 bottles, dram price A

SMWS GN1.1 - Gee-WhizThe nose has bags of juniper, boiled lemon sweets, lime juice and a hint of eucalyptus. The mouthfeel is incredibly thin, with no cling. The body has lemon, juniper and slight fennel notes. The finish short with juniper and lemon.

Water brings out thick, long lived whorling that doesn't settle. The nose now has more juniper than lemon, and a little fennel. The body has a little more fennel and less lemon. The finish changes similarly.

An interesting gin - the whisky drinker's gin?

4/5 (More a statement of preference than a judgement of the quality of the gin...)