G4.17 - Exquisite whisky dessert

28 years old, distilled 1st May 1989, 53.5% abv, Second Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel, 227 bottles, dram price E

SMWS G4.17 - Exquisite whisky dessertThe nose has sultanas, caramac and profiteroles. The mouthfeel is thin with no cling. The body has vanilla, profiteroles, butterscotch and hints of dark chocolate at the back of the mouth. The finish is vanilla, sultanas and butterscotch.

Water brings out thin, rapidly expanding whorling that settles quickly into lingering mottling. The nose has more of the caramel and gains amaretto, but loses the sultanas. The body gains more butterscotch and caramel, and loses the vanilla note somewhat. The finish loses the vanilla and sultanas and gains caramel and more butterscotch.

A superb dram for warm days with warm friends. Although if any of them can't make it, be sure to be a good friend - and drink their share for them!

Technical score: 5/5

Personal preference: I'd like more than one bottle.