SMWS 39.104 - "Getting steamy in the sauna"

14 years old, distilled 1st June 2000, 58.5% abv, first fill ex-bourbon hogshead, 294 bottles

The nose has a warm note - slight pepper with a bit of cinnamon and plenty of old wardrobe. The body is warm - a little heat from the pepper - with notes of toasted bread and cinnamon. The mouth-feel has reasonable viscosity, but it doesn’t linger. The finish is sweet vanilla and a cinnamon.

After water (which whorls tightly and lingers nicely) the nose has a little more sweetness - artificial sweeteners - but has lost the pepper. The body is also sweeter - more vanilla and a little less cinnamon. The finish is unchanged.

A decent dram, if a little ruined by peppery heat for my taste. One for a hip flask on a long walk.