33.134 - Peat roasted pig Hawaiian style

9 years old, distilled 24th May 2007, 60.9% abv, Second Fill Ex-Sherry Butt, 648 bottles

SMWS 33.134 - Peat roasted pig Hawaiian styleThe nose has crispy bacon flavoured crisps, dessicated banana and a hint of sea breeze. The mouthfeel is, with little cling. The body has vanilla, roast pork, and a little hint of tangy orange drinks. The finish is banana, roast pork and a hint of oranges zest.

Water brings out thick, short-lived whorling that expands rapidly but doesn't quite mottle - it just slowly fades. The nose gains more smoke, and a little fresh oak. The body gains saltiness and orange zest, and the finish gains more smoke.

A stonker.