RW1.1 - Simply supermassive

3 years old, distilled 4th April 2013, 61.8% abv, New Charred Oak, 96 bottles

Christmas TreeThe nose has honey, nougat and toffee. The mouthfeel is thin with no cling, and the abv isn't apparent at first. The body has more of the honey, then toffee, then cinnamon and hints of chilli spices. The finish is short - toffee and honey.

Water brings out thick, rapidly expanding whorling that lingers briefly as mottling. The nose now gains fruity notes - grapefruit and oranges. The body gains violets and grapefruit, and the finish is slightly fruitier and shorter.

This is a dram for beating the winter blues.


(The demand for this was so high in London that the bottles were gone by the time I tried to take a photo on the Saturday of the new list tasting. Please accept my apologies, and have a Christmas Tree instead.)