Exotic Cargo - Batch 1

10 years old, No distillation date, 50.0% abv, First Fill Spanish Oak Ex-Sherry Hogsheads, 1937 bottles, dram price A

SMWS Exotic Cargo Batch 1The nose has an immediate and large hit of oranges and tobacco leaves, followed by old leather and a hint of vanilla. The mouthfeel is thin and very smooth. The body is subdued compared to the nose, although that could hardly be difficult. Smooth with toffee, oranges, tobacco and leather. The finish has a sharp hit of oranges, joined by tobacco leaves for a while.

Water brings out thick, rapidly expanding whorling that settles into brief mottling. The nose gains more tobacco and a hint of apples. The body gains more tobacco and loses the toffee. The finish is unchanged.

As an experiment I also tried it with ice. (The roguish barman insisted, and also insisted I call him roguish. As he controlled my supply of whisky, I felt I had to acquiesce.) It stands up very well to the ice, still providing fruit and toffee but with the tobacco less dominant. A recommended experience.

A fine first blended malt. One for relaxing evenings.