Pink Clouds

Pink Clouds

Another beautiful sunset, and I have no idea where I took it.

I know it was in Beckenham. I've taken a guess based on some things, but it's not quite right.

But then, this is one of the last of the many photos I took that night - and one taken whilst walking home, it seems. It was evidently an evening well spent.



Chaos. Yet the mind finds structure, making this a strangely pleasing photograph as outlines and forms jump out at you momentarily whilst you look at it.

SMWS World Flavour Outturn

SMWS 41.74 - All the fun of the fairThe July 2016 Outturn is titled "World Flavour", on the grounds that it has flavour and was released in the world.

(Presumably, now they're no longer owned by LVMH, releasing whisky by firing it off-world on rockets is no longer financially viable.)

A retrospective on 15 years

On the 3rd July in 2001, I registered some domain names and signed up for a hosting package.
They were all vanity domains - just my name in different tld's (.com, .net, .org, and so forth).
About a week after that, a website was on this domain.
That was my second website. I actually thought it was my first, but when writing this I went back to some old diaries to verify the dates - and I found that I'd completely forgotten about an older web presence that I hosted on my ISP's free web space.



This wonderful cloud formation looks like a Genie coming out of a lamp.

I don't need much more of a reason, do I?

Code Pages

I can't remember the last time I received a file from someone that I couldn't use.

These days, the file formats we use are pretty standardised. PDF files, Word documents, JPGs, MP3s, MP4s and so on - unless the person sending you it is a specialist in some area you actually have very good odds that any file you're sent will be readable.

Of course, it wasn't always so. But it was once much worse than just having different file formats. WordPerfect vs Wordstar vs Word was just an argument between companies. Once, it was a battle between computer hardware and countries.

Treeline Sunset

Treeline Sunset

In 2008, I went to Beckenham Place Park specifically to try and capture photos as the sun set.

Time well spent, it would seem...


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