SMWS Christmas Parcels 2016

Christmas TreeThe Christmas Parcels list was an odd one this year.

The individual bottles were great, but the parcels were all flawed - every one had a bottle in it that I didn't like enough that I couldn't consider it. That's the danger of parcels - sometimes great, sometimes frustrating.

SMWS Spellbound Outturn

SMWS G8.7 - Caribbean banana frittersAt the end of October, we have a sudden surprise outturn. On the one hand it hopefully helps reduce the sheer volume of drams we have to deal with in November, on the other hand it really did bugger up my Friday!

SMWS Dramatic Outturn

SMWS 5.52 - Fluffy Fruity Profiteroles The October Outturn is traditionally a little smaller, a little quieter than the big November beast at the SMWS. But damn tradition, as it leaves less room for excellent drams!


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