50.92 - Sipping sherry in the potting shed

26 years old, distilled 26th January 1990, 53.1% abv, First-Fill Charred Ex-Red Wine Hogshead, 90 bottles, dram price G

SMWS 50.92 - Sipping sherry in the potting shedThe nose has oloroso sherry, orange blossom, caramel and hints of herb gardens. The mouthfeel is decent with a little cling. The body has caramel, soft toffee chews, oranges and then some cinnamon spices towards the finish - which is oranges and cinnamon.

Water brings out thick, short lived whorling. The nose has more sherry, but loses the orange blossom. The body gains coconut and vanilla, and loses the caramel. The finish is unchanged.

A lovely old dram, but hold the water.