SMWS Christmas Parcels 2014

The Christmas Parcels list was full of the big hitters this year - FOUR Japanese whiskies, a Macallan, a Rosebank, and the SMWS' oldest ever whisky. Oh, and a bourbon from a new distillery. Because when it rains, why not make it torrential?

SMWS 2014 Christmas Countdown List

The Christmas Countdown list was huge.

44 whiskies, and I didn't manage all of them I'm afraid. I started at the lighter end, but there's only so much a man can drink! I managed 21 of the whiskies before the next outturn arrived, and I switched my focus.

There were some very good whiskies on this list - two great grains, a superb Glen Scotia, a decent Glen Grant, a memorable Strathmill - the membership was spoilt for choice!

Wasted Neurons Wednesday - The Architecture of MS-DOS

I have a lot of neurons wasted on MS-DOS. Probably more than for any other technology I've ever worked with.

Which is a bit ironic, as most people would say that the entire problem with MS-DOS is that there's so little of it...

And I'll admit that I would agree MS-DOS has an architecture in the same way that a bivouac has - there's the beginnings of something there, but it's not exactly going to fill a textbook.

Wasted Neurons Wednesday

Wasted Neurons Wednesday is an occasional column that covers dead technologies that I still waste neurons knowing about.

I stick to the IBM PC Compatible world, because otherwise there's no real comparison with modern machines. These are the ghosts in the closet of the modern computer.


vCardSplit splits vCards.

For some strange reason, many programs will happily export all your contacts into one big file, but then only import the first vCard from a file. If that happens, you need something to split those files - you need vCardSplit!

It splits vCard files. Lots of programs like to export their contacts as one big vCard, but will only import the first contact from a vCard file. So you need a vCard Splitter, and this is it.

It's absolutely free to download and use, and always will be.


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